Meeting Update: 4 April 2019

A warm welcome and a big thank you tour. Subs and visitors this week: Ben Coker from Life Mastery Now, Frank Tinnirello from King Whippy Ice Cream, Joyce Pemberton from Tender Writing Services, Louis Wainwright from Tecmark, Martin Webb from Elliot James Property, Stephen Wilkinson from Spectra and Jon Waldron from WFH Designs and BNI Cheshire East.

Education Slot: 60 Seconds

Education slot this week is by Ian Griffiths from Alvis Printing and is about the importance of a good 60 seconds.

It improves the chances of receiving referrals.
Educates your sales force.
Ensure people remember what you want.
Reinforce your professionalism.
Let visitors know what you do

5 tips to improve
Be prepared
Use a Script
Tell a story
Be specific
Make eye contact

It is your responsibility to make it easier for your fellow members to find referrals for you.

If you have a sub, your 60 seconds are even more important, reduce the word count and make it easier for them. Allow them time to practice.

10 minute presentation: Teresa Tomlinson

The 10 minute presentation this week is by Teresa Tomlinson from Internal Affairs Painting and Decorating. They work for builders, estate agents, landlords, bathroom installers, cabinet makers and well as the general public.

The types of projects they complete include decoration of new builds, halls, stairs and landings, bathrooms, wall papering, finishing off built in cupboards, external painting and repairs, wood wax treatments, restorations, and much more.

Notable Networker

Our Notable networker of the month is Steve Butler from Telecom Solutions for referrals given, a great chapter focus and the number of visitors invited.

60 Second Cup Winner

The 60 second cup this week goes to James Wilkinson from Suddenstrike Pest Control.

Our figures this week

Invoiced Business: £8930

Referrals given: 12

1-2-1 meetings: 19

Testimonials: 1

Visitors: 2

Meeting update: 21 March 2019

Welcome to our visitors Sue Tanner and Tracey Carr from HSFE Ltd, Louis Wainwright from Tecmark, Dave Skeels from Complete Eco and Donna Rogerson from Totally Tropic Skincare.

Education Slot

Pete Bruder talked to us about inviting visitors and the way that you invite them will often will often determine how receptive people are to visiting.

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Meeting Update: 7 March 2019

A warm welcome to our visitors ands subs Lauren Gratton from Bennett Brooks, Mitchell Riley from Heath insurance, Trevor Fudger from Help for Heros, Trenton Duffie and Nichola Friel from Body Stress Release.

Education Slot: 60 seconds

Education slot was delivered by Simon Raeburn this week and was about the 60 second opportunity. They are like your advert, we all have the same opportunities (time). You need to put something across to make sure people remember you, try telling a story. Make notes before so you don’t have to remember what you want to say. This is your verbal advert for all the other people in the room. Remember whenever possible you should name a contact that you would like to be introduced to.

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Meeting Update: 7th February

Education Slot: First Impressions

Within a few seconds of meting you people will make first impression, this is based on how you dress, what you say and your body language. Consider what you would like people to think about you and what you do to enforce these.

Positive Things to Do:
Smile, firm handshake, be curious, offer support, listen, pride in appearance, eye contact and connect online If you are shy ask some open questions.

10 Minute Presentation:
Ian Griffiths from Alvis Printing

The10 minute presentation was given by Ian Griffiths from Alvis Printing Services in Altrincham.

The offer traditional, litho, digital and wide format printing.  Ian talked about some of their best customers and the bespoke jobs that they do on their behalf. These range from banners, stickers for product labels, brochures, folders and invitations.

60 Second Cup

Nicola Palmer from the Happy Cleaning Company won the trophy this week, congratulations.

Our figures:

In the last 7 days our members have completed the following:

Referrals: 17
1-2-1: 23
TYFTB: 4903

Meeting Update: 24 January 2019

A warm welcome to our visitors this week Alex Daniels and Mike Skucha from SEI Security, Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining, James Wilkinson from Suddenstrike, Lauren-Lee Day from Mere Golf Resort and Spa, Leon Carroll from Warrington Youth Club, Steve Atherton from Fleet Prices and Jamie Stewart from Bumblebee Digital.

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Meeting Update: 17 January 2019


Many thanks to our guests, subs and visitors this week; Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining, Ian Spink from IPS Coaching, Luke Dawson from Home Financial, Robert Whyatt from Fleet Prices, Sonia Burden from Careersat and Steve Hewitt from Fire Compliance Management Services.

Education Slot – Traffic Lights

All members were given a copy of the latest traffic lights. In groups their performance was discussed based on their results and suggestion given by the group on how they could improve their figures. If any members have any questions please speak to Emma or Sharon.

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Meeting Update: 10 January 2019


A warm welcome to our visitors and subs this week: Caroline Barton from Smart PA, Clare Moorhouse from Moorhouse Digital, Ian Spink from IPS Coaching, Kate Dawes from Paxton Access Control, Marc Bott from Centric Lighting and Sonia Burden from Careersat.

Education Slot

The Education Slot this week was all about Chapter vacancies, currently we are looking for members to fill the following roles: mentors, ed-slot coordinator and membership committee.

Notable Networker

The Notable Networker for January is Dan Pala from Ixis for the amount of referrals he has given, the amount of 1-2-1’s he has held and his excellent attitude.

Renewing members

Renewing members, Mike Snape from Bennett Brookes and Liam White from Capstone Financial Management

60 Second Cup

The winner of the 60 second cups this week is Matt Bains from Acorn Electrical Services

10 Minute Speaker

The 10 minutes speaker this week was Ross Jones from Home Financial..

Ross helps his clients by offering tailored guidance whether they are first time buyers are seasoned investors. He also specialises in helping people will complex needs, this could be self-employed or business owners. He offers workplace and home visits.

Case study: Help to buy – the first wave of people who used this incentive will find it is coming to maturity. These people now need advice on how to best repay the equity loan and plan for the future.

Ross holds extensive qualifications to complement his years of experience and they include a Foundation degree in financial services, an equity release qualification as well as the standard mortgage qualifications.

Ross is looking for: Business owners and self-employed, other mortgage advisors, estate and letting agents, property developers, work place benefits, home builders, solicitors, barristers, doctors etc.

60 Second Cup

Sue Richards from Enriched International won the door prize this week, well done Sue!

Figures for the last 7 days

Referrals: 10
1-2-1s: 13
Visitors: 3
Testimonials: 1
TYFTB: £9737

Meeting update: 6 December 2018

A warm welcome to our visitors:

Andy Haywood from Fleetprices

David Griffiths from Invested Time

Holly Smith from Capstone

Melissa Williams for JTRS

Sonia Burden from Careeresat

The Education Slot

The Ed Slot was delivered by Steve Butler and was on the subject of 1-2-1s.

Steve distributed a 1-2-1 sheet as asked members to complete the sheet and pass to another member who you will have a 1-2-1 with in the next week. See our Facebook page for a copy of the sheet.

Notable Networker

The Notable Networker for December is Mark Whylie for great referrals internally and externally and for his excellent time keeping.

New Members

This week we were delighted to welcome several new members to our networking group: Catherine Pearson from Smart PA, Julie Antonelli from Travel Counsellors and Nicola Palmer from The Happy Cleaning Company

Renewing members

We were also delighted to have the following members renewing: Dan Pala from Liberonet, Janet Munnelly from Heath Insurance, Rebecca Nanagle from Fireseed Films and Russ Brown from Xpress Legal, Ross Jones from Home Financial and Sharon Charteress from Mood Design Solutions.

60 Second Trophy

The 60 second trophy was awarded to Ian Griffiths from Alvis Printing.

Our figures this week:

121 meetings: 19

Referrals: 16

Visitors: 2

TYFTB: £6828

Training: 3 people attended

Meeting update: 15 November 2018

A warm welcome to our visitors

Julie Antonelli from Travel Counsellors
Nicholas Blything from Conservative Candidate
Nicola Palmer from The Happy Cleaning Company
Noah Tomlinson from Internal Affairs
Paul Ellis from Euro Digital Systems
Sonia Burden from Careersat

The Education Slot

This week the education slot was delivered by Mark Whylie on the subject of ‘Specific is Terrific’,

In a 15 second exercise, where you are asked to list as many things as you can think of in a  second time period. When you are asked to name things that relate to you, on average your list will increase by approximately 30%.

In a 60 seconds, state who you looking for, use an existing reference point when possible, state the problem you can solve and where these people can be found.

Notable Networker:

Frank Keefe from The Gasworks Cheshire is this months Notable Networker.

New Members:

This week we welcomed to Dan Pala from Liberonet to the group.

60 second trophy:

The trophy was won by Jason Pestel from JP Sports Therapy

The 10 Minute presentation

The presentation was delivered by Frank Keefe from The Gasworks Cheshire, a plumbing and heating company who work around the Cheshire region.

The specialise in the installation and servicing of gas, LPG, solid fuel and oil heating and hot water systems.

They work on both commercial and residential properties.

They are registered with: Gas Safe, LPG, NCASS, Corgi, Oftec and HETAS

Their typical clients include home and property owners, letting agents, property investors, buildings, catering establishments, mobile catering and boat owners.

Our figures this week

Testimonials: 2 of our members received testimonials

1-2-1 meetings: 23

TYFTB: £2965

Referrals: 19

Training: 4 people attending training in the last 7 days

And the winner is… BNI Mere!!!

On Saturday 3rd November 2018, a local networking group, BNI Mere, was awarded the ‘Chapter of the Year’ and ‘Largest Net Growth’, fighting off fierce competition from 20 other regional groups.

The group meet every Thursday morning at High Legh Park Golf Club. Meetings start at 10:30am and finish at midday. Open networking is available before and after the meeting. It costs £15 to attend a meeting and this covers your refreshments, room hire and a light lunch. Currently the group consists of 27 members who’ve passed over £530,000 of business in the last 12 months. Their growth plans include reaching 30 members and passing £750,000 by April 2019.

Read moreAnd the winner is… BNI Mere!!!

Meeting update: 1 November 2018

Welcome and thank you for visiting to all of our subs, guests and visitors:

Catherine Pearson from Smart PA
Chris Atherton from Miltec Digital Ltd
Craig Stevenson from Active Internet
Paul Ellis from Euro Digital Systems
Steve Seymour from Gluhub

The education slot

Ed slot by Rebekah Nangle from Fireseed Films on how to invite visitors successfully
– Talk about them
– Use open questions: What, why, how, when and where
– Be positive

Notable Networker award

The award for November goes to Frank Keeffe from The Gasworks Cheshire.

The 60 second cup

The cup was won by Ross Jones this week.

The 10 minutes – update on the chapter charter

Member expectations

  • 1 referral per month – 21 members achieved this
  • 2 x 1-2-1 per member per month – 18 members achieved this
  • 3 visitors per year – 5 members on track to achieve this
  • 3 testimonials per year – 10 members on track for this
  • 1 training event per year – 2 people on track for this

As a chapter we will deliver 1 post meeting training session per quarter and 1 tailored mentoring session per quarter and 2 social events per year

Looking to get 30 members by April 2019, already 27 members. Looking to grow the chapter turnover to £750000.

In October we had 8 visitors and 2 applications.

Our figures this week

Referrals: 8

1-2-1 meetings: 15

Visitors: 5

Invoiced Business: £4378

Testimonials: 1

Meeting update: 18 October 2018

Many thanks

Dan Oliver from Logosew
Sonia Burden from Careersat
Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining
Adrian Walker from Pro Fit Flooring
Charlie Reid from Egan Reid
Kevin Woods from Small Planet Travel
Suzanne Hughes from HT Legal
Alice Jackson from Best Business Enabler

10 minute speaker: Terry Chrystal from Cross Street Garage

The 10 minute speaker this week was Terry Chrystal from Cross Street Garage in Sale and TLC Garage in Warrington. Did an apprentice at Vauxhall and then worked mobile until taking on Cross Street Garage.

a-z of vehicle maintenance
Classics are a speciality

Notable networker

Notable Networker award was given to Sharon Charteress from Mood Design Solutions.

60 second trophy was also won by Liam White from Capstone Financial Management

Our figures this week:

Referrals: 7

1-2-1: 31

TYFTB: £11016

Visitors 2

Testimonials: 2


Meeting update: 4th October 2018

Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today’s meeting was somewhat special. Our members wore pink in support of those suffering with breast cancer and many of them also made some delicious cakes which were used to raise funds for Cancer Care Packs for Shine Bright Charity.

A warm welcome to our visitors and guests:

Emma Fawcett-Eustace, Florist

Julie Antonelli from Travel Counsellors

Paul Caslin from Mow Gardening

Hazel Burgess from Nurture Your Skin

Julie Cameron from Jem Recycling and Waste

Wendy Heyes from Open House East Cheshire

Angela Highton from Home Cooked Food

Education slot: testimonials

How to write a testimonial

Focus on the person and business.

Go into details on how good they are at providing their service and products.

What did they do right?

Always try and make it a first person testimonial.

How did it make you feel?

Please can you write a testimonial for anyone who has completed some work for you.

10 minute speaker: Russell Brown from X-Press Legal Services

X-Press Legal Services in Stockport are a national provider of property searches to anyone who purchases a property.

Planning permission – if a loft has been converted but does not have planning permission, you cannot market it as a room

Contaminated land – cannot be sold, you will be responsible for the clean up and costs

Home risk reports – directly to the public, residential market – offers a range of risk reports

Looking to connect with estate agents and mortgage advisors

Notable networker

Notable Networker award was given to Sharon Charteress from Mood Design Solutions.

60 second trophy was also won by Sharon Charteress from mood Design Solutions.

Our figures this week:

TYFTB: £10,503

Visitors: 4

Testimonials: 3

1-2-1: 23

Referrals: 18


Meeting update: 27 September 2018

10 minute speaker: The incoming leadership team

The 10 minutes this week was delivered by Sue Richards, John McKenzie and Ric Webster

Following on from last weeks member survey, the members of BNI Mere have requested the following:

Chapter charter and growth

  • The minimum requirements of members, and the team will help you to achieve the results, 1 referral per member per month, 2 x 1-2-1s per member per month, 3 visitors per member per year, 3 testimonials per member per year, 1 training per member per year
  • The chapter will provide 1 x post meeting training per quarter, 1 x tailored mentoring per quarter and 2 x chapter social events per year for members to assist with achieving the above goals
  • The majority of members want the chapter to grow by numbers and TYFTB. The aim is to get 30 members by April 19, and for the TYFTB to go to £750k by April 19. There are no clear target for October 19. That is a 15% increase in referral value.
  • Targeted vacancies: recruitment agency, estate agent, architect, joiner, HR,
  • Visitor experience – we will no longer distinguish between sub, visitor, etc. All will be greeted at the desk and asked to sign in. They will be made a drink and introduced to members for open networking.
  • Slides for any presentation must be supplied the night before, if they are not supplied you will need to find an alternative independence source to show them.
  • There will be no more ‘nothing from me this week’, you will need to talk about what you are working on.
  • Any other business, will be pre-notified and appropriate – the leadership team will deal with issues as will the membership committee, if you have topics outside this then please speak to John for advice.

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Meeting update: 20 September 2018

A big thank you to our sub this week:

Dan Pala from Libreonet, Sonia Burden from Careersat, Paul Williams from Acorn Electrical, Karen Roberts from KR Administration, Dave Skeels from Complete Eco.

10 minute speaker: Teresa Tomlinson from Internal Affairs Painting & Decorating

Internal Affairs offer the following services:

  • Traditional decorating service
  • Specialist papers and wall covering
  • Surface and plaster renovations
  • Problem areas
  • Bespoke murals
  • Removing Artex

They work in a variety of properties including:

  • Private estates
  • New builds
  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Landlords/Holiday Rentals

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Meeting update: 6 September 2018

A big thank you to our sub this week:

Thank you to Angela Highton from Home cooked dining for subbing this week.

A warm welcome to our guests this week Joanne Johnson from Travel Counsellors and Su Turner from Insight to Impact Consulting. Paul Williams from Acorn electrical supplies.


Congratulations to Peter Bruder from Energy Jungle for becoming our latest member.


The education slot

Ed Slot was delivered by Ellen O’Donnell and was all about Hot or Not.

How hot is your referral?

1 – gave someone your name

2 – gave someone your business card

3 – Gave someone your card and a recommendation

4 – You have arranged a meeting with the contact and your member

5 – You have arranged a meeting for the contact, the member and yourself

10 minute speaker: Steve Butler from Telecom Solu7ions

Steve talked about Horizon, a complete hosted communication system which allows you to manage your calls effectively.  It allows to you keep your old numbers, but also add new ones. Call forwarding feature enabled. Administrator interface can be managed internally or externally.

Can be used for conference calls, hold and pick up by another phones, group calls, etc. Enhances flexible working for the modern company that may not always be office based with the ability to manage mobile and landlines. for more info.

Our figures for this week:

TYFTB: £5720
1-2-1: 23
Referrals: 20
Visitors: 2


Notable networker for September is Liam White from Capstone Financial Management, external referrals and the quality of 1-2-1s

60 second cup was won this week by Dale Sherlock from Fleetprices.


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