Meeting Update: 6 June 2019

A warm welcome to our subs, visitors and guest this week Matt Rhodes from Capstone Financial Management, Shak Anwar from Ecomm Garage, Pamela Cunliffe from Your Sub Contractors Ltd and Joyce Pemberton from Tender Writing Services.

The Education slot

Education Slot this week was by Simon Raeburn and was all about networking is more than shaking hands and passing around business cards. It’s about building your social capital. It’s a bout cultivating relationships with other business professionals.

A master networker does:

10. Works their network

9. Sincerity – give your undivided attention

8. Enjoys helping others

7. Thanks people – gratitude

6. They always network – they are never off duty

5. They have good listening skills

4. Be trustworthy

3. Enthusiasm and motivation

2. Having a positive attitude

1. Follow up on referrals

All of these traits lead to long term business relationships.

Notable Networker

The Notable Networker for June is Russ Brown from Xpress Legal Services Ltd for overall contribution and bringing visitors.

60 second cup winner

The 60 second cup winner this week goes to Simon Raeburn from Simon Raeburn Photography.

10 minutes: 1-2-1 chapter session

The 10 minutes this week was a chapter speed 1-2-1 session. This involved each member of the chapter being paired up with another and them carrying out a quick 5 minute each way 1-2-1 meeting.

Our figures

In the last 7 days our members have invoice £13,028. During the meeting 5 referrals were passed and we had 1 visitors.