Meeting update: 6 February

Welcome to guests and visitors including:
Sue Richards from Forever Living, Caroline Evans from Mercury Protection Services, Jan Cameron from Cameron Wilson Project Services and BNI Vale Royal and Tim Smith from Business Doctors.

Education Slot

The Education Slot was delivered by Derrick Brown from Mercury Protection Services, and was all about finding the perfect sub!

Subs – how to find the ideal one when you just can’t make the meeting.

  • Invite someone who could potentially join BNI
  • Invite a person who would be a great client for other BNI members
  • Ask your best customer
  • Ask one of your suppliers or providers
  • Ask a relative or friend
  • Ask you business partner or staff member
  • Ask a member from another chapter
  • Ask and ex-member
  • Ask a supersub

Notable Networker

The notable networker for BNI Mere for January is Sharon Charteress from Mood Design. Congratulations.

Business Focus

Each month we are going to focus on several businesses that would benefit from a visit to BNI Mere.

For February we are looking to invite a variety of Transportation companies and also Estate agents.

Carl Telfer Cup

The winner of the Carl Telfer Cup this week was Derrick Brown from Mercury Protection Services.

10 Minutes: Steve Evans from Genesis Group

Steve spent 10 minutes talking to the group about financial protection for your business.

Genesis offer advice and products to cover your business to ensure it can operate without you and also help prepare a business for sale.

They look at the people, profit, structure and future.

  • People – the business needs to operate when you are not there
  • Profit – how do you extract profits, invest and dictates your future
  • Business – how is your business structured, shareholder agreements, plans, and alignment
  • Future – how can you protect from possible obstacles and plan an exits

Genesis offer a variety of Insurance policies, the mains ones cover:

  • Relevant life
  • Shareholder protection
  • Key person

Speak to Steve to get more information about how he can you to ensure you business is sustainable and secure.

Our figures

This week our members held 15 one to one meetings with each other, passed 9 referrals, invoiced over £4000 worth of business. Our meeting had 2 visitors and 1 testimonial.