Meeting update: 5 December

A warm welcome to our subs, guests and visitors this week including Connor Clarke from Mosaic Digital media and Simeon Guntrip from Vision Arrive.

Ed Slot

Tracey Carr delivered our Ed Slot today which was all about subs.

Tracey spoke about how we cannot predict when you will be ill or an important meeting will comes up. So who do you know who can help you out?

Customers, clients, family, friends, business associates or other people within your business.

If all else fails, we will get together a list of potential subs from other chapters but as a last ditch attempt you can also ask on the Facebook market place.

Notable Networker

Our notable networker for December is Liam White from Capstone Financial Management for his 1-2-1 meetings, referrals and his TYFTB. Well done Liam.

The Carl Telfer Cup

The winner of the Carl Telfer cup this week was Janet Munnelly from Heath Insurance.

10 minutes

The 10 minutes this week was a chapter session on the leadership roles. The current leadership team spoke to all the members about the job roles and answered questions relating to each role.

Our figures

In the last 7 days our members have invoiced £23,050, held 6 one to one meetings and passed 11 referrals. We also had 2 testimonials for our members.