Meeting Update: 31 January 2019

A warm welcome to our visitors today Ellen O’Donnell from HT Legal, John McKenzie from John McKenzie Hypnotherapy, Phys Way from Hamer Way and Victoria Bennett from Team JB Wellness.

Education Slot

Simon Raeburn spoke to us about the difference between a referral and a lead. A referral is when the other person is aware you are going to get in contact and they are expecting you call and are willing to talk to you. A lead is a name or contact details for a person who is not aware of you or your business and is not expecting your call.

Notable Networker for January

The Notable Networker for January is Dan Pala from Ixis for the amount of referrals he has given, the amount of 1-2-1’s he has held and his excellent attitude.

10 minute presentation

The 10 Minute speaker this week is Mark Whylie from Copperleaf construction, which was founded in 2003. They are an innovative in constructions and development solutions.

Their Largest project to date was in the region of £6m, and the smallest in the region of £25k.

Mark spoke about Residual Land Value. The first step is to identify a site, and what kind of development the site can support, then they need to identify a viable scheme. Once this has been completed they can look at the land value. The value is based on the site having planning permission.

The basic calculation is:
Land = sales – (development cost and profit)

Mark is happy to take questions about development, please feel free to give him a call. Mark is looking to connect with architects, project managers and property professionals.

60 second cup winner

The winner of the 60 second cup this week was Catherine Pearson from Smart PA.