Meeting update: 27 September 2018

10 minute speaker: The incoming leadership team

The 10 minutes this week was delivered by Sue Richards, John McKenzie and Ric Webster

Following on from last weeks member survey, the members of BNI Mere have requested the following:

Chapter charter and growth

  • The minimum requirements of members, and the team will help you to achieve the results, 1 referral per member per month, 2 x 1-2-1s per member per month, 3 visitors per member per year, 3 testimonials per member per year, 1 training per member per year
  • The chapter will provide 1 x post meeting training per quarter, 1 x tailored mentoring per quarter and 2 x chapter social events per year for members to assist with achieving the above goals
  • The majority of members want the chapter to grow by numbers and TYFTB. The aim is to get 30 members by April 19, and for the TYFTB to go to £750k by April 19. There are no clear target for October 19. That is a 15% increase in referral value.
  • Targeted vacancies: recruitment agency, estate agent, architect, joiner, HR,
  • Visitor experience – we will no longer distinguish between sub, visitor, etc. All will be greeted at the desk and asked to sign in. They will be made a drink and introduced to members for open networking.
  • Slides for any presentation must be supplied the night before, if they are not supplied you will need to find an alternative independence source to show them.
  • There will be no more ‘nothing from me this week’, you will need to talk about what you are working on.
  • Any other business, will be pre-notified and appropriate – the leadership team will deal with issues as will the membership committee, if you have topics outside this then please speak to John for advice.

The new team are: John McKenzie is Chapter Director, Sue Richards is Membership Coordinator and Ric Webster stays on as Secretary Treasurer.

The membership committee will be chaired by Sue Richards and will be made up of Sharon Charteress, Mark Whylie, Emma Stanton, Steve Butler, Ric Webster.

Lead visitor hosts is Steve Butler and his team is made up from Mark Whylie, Liam White, TBC.

Ed Co-ordinator: Sharon Charteress

Education Slot

Ed Slot by Alan Salter the law of Karma. Every thought and action has a cause and effect.

Notable networker

Notable Networking award to Liam White from Capstone Financial Management.

60 second trophy: Ellen O’Donnell

Our figures this week:

TYFTB: 12461

1-2-1: 14

Referrals: 15

Testimonials: 1