Meeting Update: 23 May 2019

Education slot

The education slot this week was by Sharon Charteress and was all about inviting visitors. It’s not easy for everyone but there are lots of places that you can find potential visitors.

Email the people who put sales literature through your door, look at local networks, use social media. The worst thing that can happen? They say no, it’s their loss not yours.

Notable Networker

The Notable Networker for May is carl Telfer from SEI Security for his long service, continued referrals given, 1-2-1 meetings held and testimonials.

60 second cup winner: Ross Jones

10 minute speaker: Liam White

The 10 minute speaker this week is Liam White from Capstone Financial Management. He spoke to us about financial panning.

What is financial planning? – it is understanding what plans and goals peoples have for the future – when do you want to retire, do you want to buy a holiday home, do you want your kids to go to private school – it all takes planning. Everyone wants something different so these are tailored for you.

Using a forecasting tool and analysis they assess your current situation and allow you to plan to ensure you are able to live the life you want to live. Making sure that you live the most tax efficient lifestyle.

Ideal referrals are solicitors who works with private clients, Liam looking to build relationships.Currently he does lots of work with business owners and helps them to plan for retirement. He also specialises in Inheritance tax, currently at 40% and he helps people to save and pay less tax.

Door prize winner: James Wilkinson

Our figures

Invoiced business in the last 7 days: £2567

1-2-1 meetings by members: 9

Referrals between members: 16

Testimonials to members: 1

Visitors to our meetings: 2