Meeting Update: 23 January

4 minute launch pad

Terry Bennett had his 4 minute launch pad, he’s looking in particular for referrals to provide Energy Savings with Low Energy Grants and LED Lighting.

Education slot

Angela delivered an Ed Slot on inviting Visitors using the FROG acronym ‘Friends Relatives Organisation Groups’ and to ask people if they can take any more business, if the answer is ‘Yes’ then ask them to attend for new connections and introductions to other businesses.

10 minutes: Tracey Carr from HSFE

Tracey gave a great 10 minutes on Health and Safety, she is now an Associate Member of Fire and Safety Engineers.

She can write policies, procedure and standards

Carry out Safety Auditing

  • Act as an expert witness
  • Provide Fire Consultancy
  • Advise on Fire Risk Mitigation
  • Provide Director Legal operations and write policies that can be easily understood and followed by the workforce.
  • She can help a business to stand out with fantastic Health and Safety and great Safety regimes.
  • She can carry out a Safety Audit from £350.

Carl Telfer Cup

The Carl Telfer 60 second cup was won by Ian Griffiths of Alvis Printing. Congratulations Ian.


Invoiced business in the last 7 days: £7868
Referrals to members: 7
1-2-1 business meetings by members: 7