Meeting update: 19 September

A warm welcome to Paul O’Brien from Think About IT, David Mooney from The Liverpool Cheese Company, Steve Evans from Genesis, Paul Critchley from Home Financial, Jo Hawkins from Telecom Solutions, Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining and Derrick Brown from Mercury Protection Ltd.

Education slot: Jill Shields

Jill spoke to us about the recent MSP training that she attended and the advice they have about 1-2-1 meetings. It is important to schedule meeting ensuring you allow enough time to talk about both businesses. Set the time and date and prepare as you would for any other meeting.

Prepare a gains sheet and supply this prior to the meeting. List your last 10 successful customers, and take testimonials with you. If you have schedule an hour, allow 30 minutes for each business. Committee and agree goals.

Notable Networker: Peter Bruder

Notable networker for September is Pater Bruder from Energy Jungle.

New member: Caroline Evans

This week we welcomed new member, Caroline Evans from Mercury Protection Ltd to the group. Congratulations Caroline, we all look forward to learning more about you and Mercury in the coming months.

Carl Telfer cup: Mark Whylie

The winner of this week’s cup is returning member Mark Whylie from Copperleaf Group.

10 minute speaker:
Ross Jones from Home Financial Ltd

Home Financial offer support and tailored guidance, and most importantly transparency in the mortgage advice that they offer. They specialise in complex needs and offer home and workplace visits.

Their ethos is always to do what is the right for the client!

Interestingly, the bank of mum and dad is currently the 7th largest mortgage lender!!

With this in mind Ross talked about mortgages for self employed people. The only difference is that there are a few extra elements that need to be considered before submitting a mortgage application.

Home Financial can liaise with your accountant, if required and can also help looking at offset mortgages, which can offset the interest that you pay and can reduce the term and amount of interested paid over the life of the mortgage.

Myth Busters
If you are self employed, you do not always need 2 years accounts.
You do not need to take money out of the business to get a mortgage.
Not all lenders use the same figures!

Home Financial are looking for introductions to business owners, contractors, sub contractors, professional and aspiring property investors. You can find more information online at


Invoiced business in the last 7 days: £6847. Our members passed 15 referrals and we had 2 visitors attend our meeting.