Meeting update: 18 October 2018

Many thanks

Dan Oliver from Logosew
Sonia Burden from Careersat
Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining
Adrian Walker from Pro Fit Flooring
Charlie Reid from Egan Reid
Kevin Woods from Small Planet Travel
Suzanne Hughes from HT Legal
Alice Jackson from Best Business Enabler

10 minute speaker: Terry Chrystal from Cross Street Garage

The 10 minute speaker this week was Terry Chrystal from Cross Street Garage in Sale and TLC Garage in Warrington. Did an apprentice at Vauxhall and then worked mobile until taking on Cross Street Garage.

a-z of vehicle maintenance
Classics are a speciality

Notable networker

Notable Networker award was given to Sharon Charteress from Mood Design Solutions.

60 second trophy was also won by Liam White from Capstone Financial Management

Our figures this week:

Referrals: 7

1-2-1: 31

TYFTB: £11016

Visitors 2

Testimonials: 2