Meeting update: 17 October

A warm welcome to our guests, visitors and subs including Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining, David Walker from ABS Restoration, Janet Raeburn, Justin Culver from JMC Business Consultancy Business, Jon Waldron from WFH Design, Terry Bennett from TB Electrics and Tom Dobson from iAgent Homes Estate Agent.

Education slot

Simon Raeburn talked about the ed slot rota during this weeks ed slot. He discussed each member should have an opportunity to deliver one of these and that there are 8 categories.

Ideas and inspiration can be found on google. It is your responsibility to swap with another member if you are unable to do the date allocated to you.

Notable Networker

Notable networker award this month goes to Jill Shields from Blain Boland for her attendance, TYFTB and referrals. Well done Jill!

The Carl Telfer Cup

The winner of the Carl Telfer cup this week was Ross Jones from Home Financial.

10 minute speaker:
Ian Griffiths from Alvis Printing

Ian spoke to us about the work he does for companies within the financial services companies. They are good referrals for ian because they use a wide variety of materials and Alvis have lots experience of working within this industry.

  • Stationery
  • Leaflets and invitations
  • Brochures
  • Presentation folders
  • Banner sand exhibition displays
  • Promotional items
  • Christmas cards

The door prize

This week the prize went to Julie Antonelli from Travel Counsellors, well done Julie.

Our figures

This month, our members have invoiced over £16,000 by the referrals that are passed at our meetings. Our members have held 21 one to one meetings with each other in the last 7 days, and passed 9 referrals. In out meeting today, we had 2 testimonials and one eligible visitor.

Well done everyone.