Meeting Update: 16 May 2019

A warm welcome to our guests, visitors and subs this week including Lauren Gratton from Bennett brooks, David Antonelli from Antonelli Brothers Ltd, Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining, Massimo D’Ulisse from Think Better Limited, Anne Netri from Netri Cosmetic Surgery and Terri Broughton from Cartridge People.

Education slot

The Education slot this week was by Janet Munelley she told us all about traffic lights and how the points are allocated. If you have any questions, please speak to Janet.

Notable networker

Notable Networker for May is Carl Telfer from SEI Security for all of his hard work, referrals given, 1-2-1s held and the amount of testimonials given to other members. Well done Carl!

60 second cup winner

The 60 second cup was won by Peter Bruder from Energy Jungle.

10 minute speaker: Janet Munnelly

The 10 minute speaker this week is Janet Munnelley from Heath Insurance. They offer personal and commercial insurance products.

She spoke about the importance of a broker review of your cover: A new Finance Director was looking for liability cover for his business, based at 2 locations, London and Manchester. They had content and public liability. They had no professional indemnity insurance in place. Their business is governed by the FCA. Janet highlighter this and the mistake was rectified.

They have just reviewed for the 2nd year.

Businesses need guidance as the consequences of getting it wrong include financial loss, fines by governing bodies.

Common areas of underinsurance including the rebuilding sum insured, loss of rental income from landlords policy, trace and access when damage is caused by a leak and pairs and set (one part of a set) they only pay for the one item and will not replace the pair or set.

Looking for business owners, home owners, property owners, etc.

Our figures this week!

Our members invoiced £3877 in the last 7 days, 12 referrals were passed between members, we had 3 visitors attend our meeting and we had one testimonial.