Meeting Update: 14th February

A warm welcome

A warm welcome to our visitors, subs and guest this week which included James Fox from James Fox Estate Agents and Dave Skeels from Complete Eco and BNI Cheshire East and Joyce Pemberton from Cheshire Bid Solutions.

New member


It was with great delight that we welcomed a new member to BNI Mere this week.
We are delighted to have James Wilkinson from Sudden Strike join our team.

You can find out more about them here:

Notable Networker

Congratulations to Carl Telfer for winning the Notable Networker for February. This is for all of his hard work, he is constantly in the green, he passes many referrals and has a fantastic attitude to wards BNI, business and networking.

10 minute speaker: Dave Skeels

Dave Skeels from BNI Cheshire East talked to us about the changes which are happening within the region. There is 12 live chapters and 1 core group hoping to launch in March.


Some changes that will be happening across the region include the Leadership training taking place on 5 March. This will be an all day affair for the leadership team and a morning full of training for the support roles. This will be delivered by the national trainer for BNI.

Another change will be the process in which people apply to join. The membership committee will now be asked to interview candidates before they join, ensuring that they are the right fit for your chapter. Watch this space for more information.

60 second cup

The winner of the 60 second cup this week was Ian Griffiths from Alvis Printing.

Our figures this week

Our members held 11 1-2-1 meetings. They passed 17 referrals and thanked each other for £21,421 of invoiced business, all within the last 7 days.

We had one visitor to our meeting this week and one testimonial was written for Teresa Tomlinson from Internal Affairs Painting and Decorating by Frank Keeffe from The Gasworks Cheshire for the fantastic work that they completed for him.