Meeting update: 11 March 2020

A warm welcome to our guests, visitors and subs including Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining, Justin Culver from JMC Business Consultancy, Katheryn Sather from KSA Conservation and Simon Casey from Blue Chip Architecture.

Education Slot: Derrick Brown

Derrick Brown from Mercury Protection Ltd delivered the education slot on referral teamwork.

Derrick had asked for a specific person several weeks ago and several people in the room said they had a connection with that person. Person A said he would leave it to one of the others. Person B got busy and didn’t do it. This is where the problem lies. If the Person C pursued it, a result would have happened.

But when everybody does it, it reinforces the professionalism of the person or company who is looking for the new contact. Imagine have 3 or 4 of your trusted contacts recommend the same person, it makes you much more likely to contact them. The more the merrier in this case.

Notable networker

Notable networker for March is Ian Griffiths for his full attendance and the referrals he has given to other members.

Introducing Carol Hickson

This week we welcomed a new member, Carol Hickson from Crescent Therapy. Please make sure you book your 1-2-1s with Carol.

The Carl Telfer 60 Second Cup

The Carl Telfer 60 second cup winner this week was Julie Antonelli from Travel Counsellors.

10 minutes: Simon Raeburn –
Simon Raeburn Photography

Simon’s job is to make photographs look the same as they would when you see them with your eye. He does this by taking multiple images. These are then overlaid to ensure all of the image elements are seen accurately. This is particularly necessary when the sun is too bright, there are windows that you can’t see through and dark corners of rooms.

Another element that they offer is 3D Virtual Tours – A visual tour in 3D, generates floors plans, multiple images are put together to build a model. The camera uses infrared to measure buildings allowing floor plans to be created. Measurements are accurate to 1%.

The final element of his property work is aerial or drone work. By using drones they have the facility to take fantastic aerial shots of buildings and land. These can be used to monitor hard to reach areas allowing for maintenance planning and more. These images are also made up on multiple images. Techniques that can be used to remove people and cars if these types of images are required for marketing materials.

Our figures

This week our members passed 24 referrals, held 11 one to one meetings and thanked each other for £23,000.