Meeting update: 1 November 2018

Welcome and thank you for visiting to all of our subs, guests and visitors:

Catherine Pearson from Smart PA
Chris Atherton from Miltec Digital Ltd
Craig Stevenson from Active Internet
Paul Ellis from Euro Digital Systems
Steve Seymour from Gluhub

The education slot

Ed slot by Rebekah Nangle from Fireseed Films on how to invite visitors successfully
– Talk about them
– Use open questions: What, why, how, when and where
– Be positive

Notable Networker award

The award for November goes to Frank Keeffe from The Gasworks Cheshire.

The 60 second cup

The cup was won by Ross Jones this week.

The 10 minutes – update on the chapter charter

Member expectations

  • 1 referral per month – 21 members achieved this
  • 2 x 1-2-1 per member per month – 18 members achieved this
  • 3 visitors per year – 5 members on track to achieve this
  • 3 testimonials per year – 10 members on track for this
  • 1 training event per year – 2 people on track for this

As a chapter we will deliver 1 post meeting training session per quarter and 1 tailored mentoring session per quarter and 2 social events per year

Looking to get 30 members by April 2019, already 27 members. Looking to grow the chapter turnover to £750000.

In October we had 8 visitors and 2 applications.

Our figures this week

Referrals: 8

1-2-1 meetings: 15

Visitors: 5

Invoiced Business: £4378

Testimonials: 1