About us

BNI Mere is a group of local businesses that actively support each other by putting members in touch with people that they want to reach. That can be through existing relationships or recommendation.

Chapter of the Month

Does it really work?

Since the group started in April 2012, up to June 2018 we found over £2.5 million worth of business for each other. There’s nothing speculative about that figure, as we only record it when the work has been invoiced for. On average every referral slip that is passed in our meetings is equivalent to a cheque for over £657.

It’s so high because we don’t just give out leads. Instead we make introductions for other members so that they’re not cold calling.

What are the commitments?

There is an annual fee to join and then a small weekly meeting fee to cover the cost of the room and food. The biggest commitment though is time. We meet every week, and the idea is to establish long-term relationships with people. That’s why attending every week is important, but you can send a substitute if you need to – someone else from your business, a satisfied client, or another contact you think might be interested. If you get stuck or need help then we’ll support you all we can.

I already have an accountant/solicitor/etc. – won’t I be expected to move my business?

Not at all. We have all built up relationships over the years and no-one expects you to throw those over because you have joined a BNI group. Nor do we expect you to give the group all of your best contacts straightaway. BNI is about building relationships – you come in with a certain level of credibility and that builds over time.

I would like to visit – how do I arrange that?

We’d love to see you at one of our meetings. Drop us an email at info@bnimere.co.uk, connect with us on Twitter or Facebook, or, if you’re more of a phone person, feel free to call one of our committee members for more information.

BNI Mere is part of BNI, an international group. For more information about BNI in Europe, visit www.bni.eu.