Meeting update: 10 October

A warm welcome to our guests, visitors and subs this week including David Bethell from Project Development Workshop, David Lafferty from Park Holland Mechanical Services, Henry Aborele from Ideal Facilities Management, Janet Raeburn and Terry Bennett from TB Electrics Electrical Contractors.

Member of the year

At the BNI East Cheshire Gala Dinner held on 4th October, Ian Griffiths from Alvis Printing was named as our member of the year. Ian does a lot of work behind the scenes for the chapter and we a re delighted to see this recognised. Congratulations Ian.

Education slot

The Education slot was delivered by Julie Antonelli this week and was all about the top 10 things to get out of your membership.

  1. Support and advice from other professionals
  2. Public speaking practice
  3. Knowledge of other types of business
  4. Access to trusted suppliers and services
  5. Education
  6. Other networking opportunities
  7. A focus group
  8. Joint ventures
  9. Business development for your staff
  10. Business referrals

Notable networker

This month our Notable networker goes to Jill Shields from Blain Boland for her attendance, TYFTB and referrals. Well done Jill!

The Carl Telfer Cup

The winner of the cup this week was Mark Whylie from Copperleaf Group. Congratulations Mark!

10 minute speaker:
Sharon Charteress from Mood Design

This week Sharon spoke to us about her career to date, she wanted to illustrate that even though she runs a small business, she has extensive experience of working in the marketing and publishing sectors.

She told us about her time in London working for a family run chain of 7 hotels, of working as a publications officer at a children’s charity and of her time working for a financial publishing house.

Sharon then went on to discuss her move to the Midlands and working for one of the largest manufacturing companies in their marketing department, before going on to become a non executive director of a city centre design agency.

Sharon finally relocated to the North West and set up Mood Design, using her extensive experience to offer a range of cost effective marketing, social media and design services to small and medium sized businesses.

Our figures

Invoiced business: 4k
Referrals: 8
1-2-1 meeting: 9
Visitors: 3

Meeting update: 15 August

A warm welcome to our visitors, guest and subs including Steve Evans from Genesis Advisory, Derrick Brown from Mercury Protection Services, Janet Raeburn, Louise Bennett from TB Electrics, Terry Bennett from TB Electrics and Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining.

Education slot

The Education slot was delivered by Ross Jones of Home Financial. Ross talked about maximising your membership. He used BNI U to get the information for this ed slot but he also talked about what a great resource it is for members. Ross distributed a sheet containing 18 ways in which you can evaluate the value of your membership. If anyone wants another copy of the information sheet, please speak to Ross.

Notable Networker

The Notable Networker award for August goes to James Wilkinson due to his contribution, visitors, TYFTB and referrals generated.

New member

This week we welcomed a new member, Stacey Whitney from MosaIc Digital Media. Stacey was invited to attend the group by Sharon Charteress who can be seen welcoming Stacey to the chapter alongside our President Russ Brown.

The Carl Telfer Cup

The winner of the Carl Telfer Cup this week was Russ Brown from X-press Legal Services.

10 minutes: Mike Snape from Bennett Brooks

The 10 minutes this week was delivered by Mike Snape of Bennett Brooks Accountants, Mike heads up the small business team. Mike has been practicing for 29 years, starting his training in 1990.

Bennett Brooks are a general practice accountants but they specialise in the charity and voluntary sector, solicitors, contractors, start-up businesses, locum practitioners and dentists.

They work to build long-term relationships with their clients and fully understand their requirements.

Small business team services include:

  • Annual accounts preparation for sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and charities
  • Preparation of personal tax returns, partnership tax returns and corporation tax computations
  • VAT returns
  • Making Tax Digital advice, cloud accounting implementation and bookkeeping
  • Company secretarial
  • Mortgage certificates and other references
  • Business planning
  • General advice


Invoiced business in the last 7 days: £5833
Referrals given to members: 16
1-2-1 business meetings: 2
Visitors to meeting: 3
Testimonials to members: 2

Wills and Trusts

Following on from Alan Salter’s 10 minutes last week, he just wanted to share the other 2 scenarios that he shared with us in the meeting.


A middle aged couple Terry & Kerry aged 52 and 49. Both are employed – Terry is a sales manager and Kerry works as a dinner lady at the local school. They have children, Steve (20) & Eve (19) both at university. They are homeowners with £275k home, small mortgage and £50k savings.

Terry & Kerry both believed that ‘a will is a will’ and also put Basic Wills in place leaving everything to the survivor on first death, then to the children on second death.

Terry suffered a heart attack one day whilst playing squash and died. 3 years later Kerry remarried. Subsequently, Kerry died before her new husband. Kerry died without a Will and her estate passed to the new husband through the Laws of Intestacy. The new husband didn’t get on with his stepchildren, he was the proverbial wicked stepfather, and excluded them from his own will.

He actually left everything to his own children from his first marriage which resulted In Steve & Eve inheriting nothing!  ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF NOT HAVING THE RIGHT ARRANGEMENTS IN PLACE!  IT COULD ALL HAVE BEEN AVOIDED


Mature retired couple – Peter & Rita aged 66 and 67. Both worked their entire lives at a local factory. They have 2 adult children – John and Jennifer and 2 grandchildren. They own a £175k house, mortgage free but only £5k savings. 

Basic Wills were put in place and the decision was made to put the home in the name of their sons. The home was registered in the name of their sons at HM Land Registry. Their intention was that if they were to need care in later life, that the Local Authorities could not force them to sell the family home to pay for their care as it was no longer theirs.

Their sons now had to make Wills giving  their parents the right to live in the property for as long as they could, should the sons die before them. Not long after, Rita passed away and a few years later Peter did go into a local residential care home.

The two sons, had by now sold the property and split the proceeds 50:50 believing they had effectively received their ‘inheritance’ early, fair and square! Unfortunately, their father’s care didn’t come for free – his pension didn’t nearly cover the cost of his care and his savings soon ran out.

The Local Authorities were able to recover the cost of his ongoing care from the sons through the Deliberate Deprivation rules. Disaster struck! This caused financial problems for both John and Ron as they had both treated themselves to holidays and new cars from what they believed was rightfully their inheritance.

The cars and other assets had to be sold at a much lesser value than they were purchased for and both were left with huge debts.


These problems can be addressed very easily with the correct estate planning.

Not a case of IT WONT HAPPEN TO ME – more a case of WHAT IF it happens to me? 

If you have any questions you can contact Alan direct on 07974 098696 or email him on

Meeting update: 18 July 2019

A warm welcome to guests, visitors and subs including Amanda Partington from Coaching Hub Sports, Bob Gordon from Acorn Computer Recycling, Dan Asprey from CineRobota Video Production, Karen Barratt from Heath Insurance, Mark Lancaster from Cycle Retreats, Mark Whylie from Copperleaf Group, Paul Williams from Acorn Electrical Electrical, Stacey Whitney from Mosaic Digital Media, Richard Wilding from ITglu and Steve Woodrow from Mustang Digital.

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Meeting update: 11 July

A warm welcome to our subs, guests and visitors including Joyce Pemberton from Tender Writing Services, 

Rachel Lamb from Suddenstrike Pest Control, Jon Waldron from WFH Design Partnership Interior Design, Joyce Pemberton from Tender Writing Services, Paul Williams from Acorn Electrical and Lauren Gratton from Bennett Brooks.

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Meeting update: 4 July

A warm welcome to our subs, guests and visitors including Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining, Frank Keeffe from The Gasworks Cheshire, Jamie Barr from Seven52 Web Design, Joyce Pemberton from Tender Writing Services, Lauren Gratton from Bennett Brooks, Louise Bennett from TB Electrics Ltd and Paul Williams from Acorn Electrical Supplies.

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Meeting update: 27 June

A warm welcome to our visitors, subs and guests this week: Jill Shields from Blain Boland, karen Roberts from KR Administrative Support, Ash Noor from Firstpage, Joyce Pemberton from Tender Writing Services, Jo Hawkins from Telecom Solu7ions, Sam McWilliams from Genesis Advisory Services and Paul Williams from Acorn Electrical Supplies.

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