Meeting Update: 7th February

Education Slot: First Impressions

Within a few seconds of meting you people will make first impression, this is based on how you dress, what you say and your body language. Consider what you would like people to think about you and what you do to enforce these.

Positive Things to Do:
Smile, firm handshake, be curious, offer support, listen, pride in appearance, eye contact and connect online If you are shy ask some open questions.

10 Minute Presentation:
Ian Griffiths from Alvis Printing

The10 minute presentation was given by Ian Griffiths from Alvis Printing Services in Altrincham.

The offer traditional, litho, digital and wide format printing.  Ian talked about some of their best customers and the bespoke jobs that they do on their behalf. These range from banners, stickers for product labels, brochures, folders and invitations.

60 Second Cup

Nicola Palmer from the Happy Cleaning Company won the trophy this week, congratulations.

Our figures:

In the last 7 days our members have completed the following:

Referrals: 17
1-2-1: 23
TYFTB: 4903