Meeting update: 4th October 2018

Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today’s meeting was somewhat special. Our members wore pink in support of those suffering with breast cancer and many of them also made some delicious cakes which were used to raise funds for Cancer Care Packs for Shine Bright Charity.

A warm welcome to our visitors and guests:

Emma Fawcett-Eustace, Florist

Julie Antonelli from Travel Counsellors

Paul Caslin from Mow Gardening

Hazel Burgess from Nurture Your Skin

Julie Cameron from Jem Recycling and Waste

Wendy Heyes from Open House East Cheshire

Angela Highton from Home Cooked Food

Education slot: testimonials

How to write a testimonial

Focus on the person and business.

Go into details on how good they are at providing their service and products.

What did they do right?

Always try and make it a first person testimonial.

How did it make you feel?

Please can you write a testimonial for anyone who has completed some work for you.

10 minute speaker: Russell Brown from X-Press Legal Services

X-Press Legal Services in Stockport are a national provider of property searches to anyone who purchases a property.

Planning permission – if a loft has been converted but does not have planning permission, you cannot market it as a room

Contaminated land – cannot be sold, you will be responsible for the clean up and costs

Home risk reports – directly to the public, residential market – offers a range of risk reports

Looking to connect with estate agents and mortgage advisors

Notable networker

Notable Networker award was given to Sharon Charteress from Mood Design Solutions.

60 second trophy was also won by Sharon Charteress from mood Design Solutions.

Our figures this week:

TYFTB: £10,503

Visitors: 4

Testimonials: 3

1-2-1: 23

Referrals: 18