Meeting update: 30th August 2018

A big thank you to our subs this week:

Chris Maddocks from Zero Dry Time
Amy Frith from Asthetics at Home
Ben Coker from Life Mastery UK
Sonia Burden from Careersat
Rebecca Shacklady from Team Enriched

A warm welcome to our visitor: Nicola Palmer from The Happy Cleaning Company

The education slot

Ed Slot was delivered by Ellen O’Donnell and was all about sending a sub.

You must email to let them know who your sub and and attach your 60 seconds. If your sub cannot make it for any reason, we will mark you as present if you follow this procedure. If not, you will be marked as absent.

All subs must have a copy of your 60 seconds, we have a folder, please make sure you have an up to date copy in there.

Max absence allowed is 3, after this amount your category can be opened up.

10 minute speaker: Rebekah Nangle from Fireseed Films

Rebecca spoke to us about the importance of telling stories through video.

She explained that having video on your website can help people to make that buying decision.

Rebekah also told us that viewers retain 95% of the message from video compared to 10% of written content.

No photos will show her videos as well as actually watching one, so take a look on her website:

Our figures for this week:

1-2-1: 21
TYFTB: £4136
Referrals: 13
Visitors: 2

Our notable networker for August is Sue Richards from Enriched International.

60 second cup winner was Ruth Coates from RCB Cleaning.