Meeting update: 28 March

A warm welcome to our guest Joyce Pemberton from Tender Writing Services and BNI Wilmslow.

Education slot

The education slot this week was by Ric Webster and was about Geese!

Why do they fly in a V formation?
As each bird flaps its wings, the bird behind it is lifted. When the lead goose gets tired, it then goes to the rear of the formation and has a rest for someone else to take over.

It’s all about teamwork. It gets us where we want to be faster. In BNI you can use 1-2-1’s and training to help us keep in formation.

Notable Networker

The Notable Networker award for March goes to Carl Telfer for his continued presence in the green, great attitude and brilliant TYFTB.

60 second cup winner this week was also Carl Telfer!

Well done Carl, keep up the good work!

10 minute presentation

This week the incoming leadership team delivered a 10 minute presentation.

Russ Brown will take over as the Chapter Director. Janet Munnelly will become the Membership Coordinator and Ross Jones becomes the Treasurer.

Together they will develop BNI Mere into the best business networking group in Cheshire. Other members of the group will be called upon to help and guide them.