Meeting Update: 24 January 2019

A warm welcome to our visitors this week Alex Daniels and Mike Skucha from SEI Security, Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining, James Wilkinson from Suddenstrike, Lauren-Lee Day from Mere Golf Resort and Spa, Leon Carroll from Warrington Youth Club, Steve Atherton from Fleet Prices and Jamie Stewart from Bumblebee Digital.

Notable Networker: January

Our Notable Networker is January is Dan Pala from Ixis.

10 minute presentation

The 10 minutes this week was delivered by the leadership team. The group was split into 3 groups and each person on the leadership team took it in turns to talk about their role to the members.

Following on from this process, volunteers were asked for the roles to be taken over in April. We are delighted to announce that several people volunteered for each role and we are now in the process of deciding which ones to take forward on to the shadowing programme to help prepare them for April.

60 second cup winner

60 second trophy was won by Emma Stanton from Personal Development People.