Meeting update 21st July 2018

A big thank you to our subs this week:

Sandra Heap from Ron Law
Natalie Silverstone from Glamour Booth
Ian Spink from IPS Coaching
Pete Bruder from Energy Jungle

A warm welcome to our guest Sam Williams from A Lench building contractors.

10 minute speaker: Ric Webster from WEBlec Electrical and Data Services

Ric demonstrated a house alarm and how easy one of his systems is to operate and control. It can be controlled through your phone, a fob or a key (similar to a car key). To use your phone, all you need is a data connection to control the system.

You can look at your system and see which sensor has gone off. Which will indicate if there is someone in your house or not. You can see who has disarmed or set the system. The system can be set up to work on multiple phones.

Your phone will verbally notify you that you need to check your system.

These systems can be used in domestic and commercial environments. Various configurations available to suit your needs.

For people with pets you have alternative sensors such as door contact and break glass. Separate garages can also be put on the system.


Our figures for this week:

1-2-1 Meetings: 36
Referrals given: 14
Invoiced business in the last 7 days: £1325
Testimonials: 1
Visitors: 1

A special celebration:

One of our members celebrated a significant birthday, so we all enjoyed singing happy birthday to him and a slice of his birthday cake after our lunch. We hope you had a great day!





The education slot this week was delivered by Alan Salter and was about 1-2-1’s

They give you the confidence to stand up and speak, meet new people as well as gain a deeper knowledge of each others business, spot referrals and opportunities. The more you do the better you become as a referral finder.


Notable networker award for June has been awarded to Ellen O’Donnell, this was for the number of referrals she has given, 1-2-1 meetings, TYFTB and all the behind the scene work that she does. Well done Ellen!



While the winner of the 60 second cup this week was Simon Raeburn