Meeting Update: 21st February

A warm welcome to Matthew Moult from MJM Bespoke Build who subbed at our meeting today.

Education Slot

Today the education slot was all about the hour of power. If you can only spend an hour outside of the meeting working on things for the members of your BNI what should you do?

Break the hour into 3 parts. The first being focus of referrals. Who is speaking at next week’s meeting and who would benefit from seeing that presentation? Then look at inviting visitors, follow up with visitors who have already visited and review your list of potential visitors.

Finally focus on your 1-2-1’s. Who have you not had one with for a while? Make plans and follow up with actions.

10 minute speaker: Alan Salter

Alan Salter from AMS Wills & Trusts talked to us today about the importance and benefits of estate planning.

A Will ensures your assets go to the people that you want. Mirror planning is common with married couples, all assets go to the surviving spouse and on the 2nd death the assets go to the children.

What happens if the surviving spouse remarries?
Then the assets can become diluted. If the surviving spouse dies before their new partner, children from the first marriage can be bypassed.

Early death of beneficiary  – when your assets are left to a child and their children. What happens if your child dies? Assets would then go to their spouse. If that spouse remarries, again your assets can be diluted.

Lifetime trust is where your assets are put into trust so your blood line are not disinherited.

Divorce of a beneficiary – if you leave your assets to your children and they get divorced , your assets will form part of the divorce settlement. Assets in trust cannot form part of the divorce settlement.

There are so many good reasons to put your assets into trust for your beneficiaries, please speak to Alan directly to see how he can help you to protect your assets for your family.

60 second cup winner


Steve Butler from Telcom Solutions won the 60 second cup this week, well done Steve.