Meeting update: 19th July 2018

A big thank you to our subs this week:

Sam Johnson, Sharples Group, BNI Viking
David Griffiths, VFD Net, BNI Holmes Chapel
Tara Daniels, Talk Direct
Ian Spink, IPS Coaching, BNI Hooton
Sonia Burden, Careersat, BNI Vale Royal
Peter Bruder, Energy Jungle, BNI Alliance

The education slot

A fantastic Ed slot today by John Mckenzie all about the 2 minute testimonial structure.

Start with a situation, then talk about the incident/problem, turning point (when you or someone else gets involved), Solution found, results that equals value


10 minute speaker: Alan Salter from AMS Wills and Trusts

Alan spoke about the importance of getting the right things in place, before you die!

Imagine….What would happen if you require care in later life

You have an estate is worth £250000. Mortgage free, with £35k of savings. Both partners have a basic wills leaving everything to surviving spouse on death.

They are involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, one of them dies and the other is paralysed, and will need to go into a care home.

10 years later, the surviving partner dies. Care costs have eaten into their estate and after funeral costs, each of their 2 children received £5k.

If they had taken to Alan, he would have advised them about Will Trusts and how this could have protected their estate, allowing their children to receive more.

Our figures for this week:

1-2-1: 35
TYFTB: £4621
Referrals: 28
Testimonials: 1



Our notable networker for July is Steve Butler from Telecom Solutions for the external referrals he has given and bringing visitors, well done Steve.


60 second cup winner was John McKenzie Hypnotherapist.


The door prize winner: Russ Brown from X-Press Legal Services