Meeting Update: 17 January 2019


Many thanks to our guests, subs and visitors this week; Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining, Ian Spink from IPS Coaching, Luke Dawson from Home Financial, Robert Whyatt from Fleet Prices, Sonia Burden from Careersat and Steve Hewitt from Fire Compliance Management Services.

Education Slot – Traffic Lights

All members were given a copy of the latest traffic lights. In groups their performance was discussed based on their results and suggestion given by the group on how they could improve their figures. If any members have any questions please speak to Emma or Sharon.

Notable Networker

Notable Networker for January is Dan Pala for January 2019, for the referrals, 1-2-1 and an excellent all round attitude.

60 second cup winner

The winner of the 60 second cups this week was Mark Whylie from Copperleaf Construction.

10 Minute Speaker: Sharon Charteress

The 10 minutes speaker this week was Sharon Charteress from Mood Design Solutions who talked to us about general marketing. She spoke about the importance of knowing who you are targeting and where they are active. This will definitely help you to get positive results.

Our figures

In the last 7 days, our members have passed the following:
Referrals: 14
1-2-1 meetings: 16
Visitors: 2
Testimonials: 1
TYFTB: £5123