Meeting update: 13 June 2019

A warm welcome to our guests, visitors and sub this week Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining, Dre Travis from BTB Fitness, Jill Shields from Blain Boland, Jo Hawkins from Telecom Solu7ions and Karen Barratt from Heath Insurance.

Education slot: Emma Stanton

The education slot today was by Emma Stanton and was all about inviting visitors.

There are several ways to invite people.

Quick and fast – he will ask anyone and everyone. Slow and steady – will follow a process and need to think it through. They are particular about who they invited and they are well informed. The what if game – what if they say no! What is they say they don’t want to do a 60 seconds – they don’t have to. What if they don’t want to pay £15 – you could pay for them, they might not be right fore the group. What if they don’t turn up – it is not the end of the worlds. What if they come and don’t like it – to date, we have not had this. What if I am too busy to look after them – we have a roomful of people who can look after them.

Notable networker

The notable networker for June is Russell Jones from X-Press Legal Services.

60 second cup

The 60 second cup winner goes to Sharon Charteress from Mood Design Solutions.

10 minute speaker: Matt Baines

The 10 minute speaker this week is Matt Baines from Acorn Electrical supplies. Acorn have been trading for 34 years with races in St. Helens, Wigan and Warrington, with 11 staff. They are a founding member of the IBA – Independent Buyers Association.

They offer electrical wholesale, same day delivery, LED lightening, survey, design and supply and Fire Alarm design.

The type of connections they would like to make is with Electrical contractors – G&J Whittaker in Warrington, Eric Johnsons in Knutsford and R Thompsons in Warrington.

Our figures this week!

in the last 7 days our members have passed 7 Referrals, held 12 1-2-1 meetings. We had 1 visitors at our meeting and in the last 7 days our members have invoiced £12347 due to referrals passed in the room and written 1 Testimonial. Well done everyone, keep up the excellent work!