Meeting update: 18 October 2018

Many thanks

Dan Oliver from Logosew
Sonia Burden from Careersat
Angela Highton from Home Cooked Dining
Adrian Walker from Pro Fit Flooring
Charlie Reid from Egan Reid
Kevin Woods from Small Planet Travel
Suzanne Hughes from HT Legal
Alice Jackson from Best Business Enabler

10 minute speaker: Terry Chrystal from Cross Street Garage

The 10 minute speaker this week was Terry Chrystal from Cross Street Garage in Sale and TLC Garage in Warrington. Did an apprentice at Vauxhall and then worked mobile until taking on Cross Street Garage.

a-z of vehicle maintenance
Classics are a speciality

Notable networker

Notable Networker award was given to Sharon Charteress from Mood Design Solutions.

60 second trophy was also won by Liam White from Capstone Financial Management

Our figures this week:

Referrals: 7

1-2-1: 31

TYFTB: £11016

Visitors 2

Testimonials: 2


Meeting update: 4th October 2018

Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today’s meeting was somewhat special. Our members wore pink in support of those suffering with breast cancer and many of them also made some delicious cakes which were used to raise funds for Cancer Care Packs for Shine Bright Charity.

A warm welcome to our visitors and guests:

Emma Fawcett-Eustace, Florist

Julie Antonelli from Travel Counsellors

Paul Caslin from Mow Gardening

Hazel Burgess from Nurture Your Skin

Julie Cameron from Jem Recycling and Waste

Wendy Heyes from Open House East Cheshire

Angela Highton from Home Cooked Food

Education slot: testimonials

How to write a testimonial

Focus on the person and business.

Go into details on how good they are at providing their service and products.

What did they do right?

Always try and make it a first person testimonial.

How did it make you feel?

Please can you write a testimonial for anyone who has completed some work for you.

10 minute speaker: Russell Brown from X-Press Legal Services

X-Press Legal Services in Stockport are a national provider of property searches to anyone who purchases a property.

Planning permission – if a loft has been converted but does not have planning permission, you cannot market it as a room

Contaminated land – cannot be sold, you will be responsible for the clean up and costs

Home risk reports – directly to the public, residential market – offers a range of risk reports

Looking to connect with estate agents and mortgage advisors

Notable networker

Notable Networker award was given to Sharon Charteress from Mood Design Solutions.

60 second trophy was also won by Sharon Charteress from mood Design Solutions.

Our figures this week:

TYFTB: £10,503

Visitors: 4

Testimonials: 3

1-2-1: 23

Referrals: 18


Meeting update: 6 September 2018

A big thank you to our sub this week:

Thank you to Angela Highton from Home cooked dining for subbing this week.

A warm welcome to our guests this week Joanne Johnson from Travel Counsellors and Su Turner from Insight to Impact Consulting. Paul Williams from Acorn electrical supplies.


Congratulations to Peter Bruder from Energy Jungle for becoming our latest member.


The education slot

Ed Slot was delivered by Ellen O’Donnell and was all about Hot or Not.

How hot is your referral?

1 – gave someone your name

2 – gave someone your business card

3 – Gave someone your card and a recommendation

4 – You have arranged a meeting with the contact and your member

5 – You have arranged a meeting for the contact, the member and yourself

10 minute speaker: Steve Butler from Telecom Solu7ions

Steve talked about Horizon, a complete hosted communication system which allows you to manage your calls effectively.  It allows to you keep your old numbers, but also add new ones. Call forwarding feature enabled. Administrator interface can be managed internally or externally.

Can be used for conference calls, hold and pick up by another phones, group calls, etc. Enhances flexible working for the modern company that may not always be office based with the ability to manage mobile and landlines. for more info.

Our figures for this week:

TYFTB: £5720
1-2-1: 23
Referrals: 20
Visitors: 2


Notable networker for September is Liam White from Capstone Financial Management, external referrals and the quality of 1-2-1s

60 second cup was won this week by Dale Sherlock from Fleetprices.


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Meeting update: 28th June 2018

A big thank you to our subs this week:

Sonia Burden from Careersat
Ella Worthington from Utility Warehouse
Peter Bruder from Energy Jungle

This week we welcomed 2 visitors, Denis Wakefield from JDF Lend and Peter Stephenson from Snowball Alternative Finance.

The education slot

Was delivered this week by John McKenzie. He was telling us how testimonials will only count now when they have been put onto BNI Connect.  There are 4 easy steps to do this.

Step 1: Click on NETWORK, then on CONNECTIONS

Step 2: Select the member you want to write a testimonial for


Step 4: Write the testimonial and SUBMIT

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