Carl Telfer

Following the renaming of the Carl Telfer Cup, James Wilkinson kindly took the cup over to Carl to show him what the chapter had done. Carl send the following few words over to me to share with all of the members.

Sharon and all Members

Just a short note to thank you all personally over the last few years.

First, for the fantastic gesture of re-naming the 60 seconds trophy, when James delivered it, suddenly my family realised what Thursdays was about over the last 10 years or so.

Also, for the years of support and friendships I have discovered over this time. I am not normally one for a few words, but this one will be.

BNI has been great for me and will continue to be so for whoever takes over from me temporarily and into the next membership.

As you are aware, my time is now going to be spent with family and close friends so I will not be attending any more meetings.

The memories I hold of BNI MERE and other Chapters are good and it’s been great to be a part of it, and see Mere grow through the hard-times as well as smooth.


Carl also shared some of his memories of BNI with us, attached to see are his bio sheet, him always being at the top of the traffic lights and several of his 60 seconds including his pulp fiction tribute and his unforgettable rap!

Pulp Fiction 60 secs
60 sec rap
Bio sheet
Traffic lights

It is with great sadness that this post is uploaded. Carl passed away on 22 July, peacefully and surrounded by his loved ones. Our thoughts go out to his family at this terrible time.