BNI Mere Meeting Update – 5 May 2016

This weeks education was delivered by Terry Chrystal and he spoke about the importance of being specific about the type of referrals you would like. If you can mention a persons name and company it makes it much easier for the other members to find referrals. It might be they personally know them or they may be an existing client or supplier, in which case would be able to get you a warm introduction.

The 10 minute presentation was delivered by Alastair Cavanagh of Teksure where we learned more about the wide range of IT services he provides.

The 60 second award was presented to Sharon Charteress of Mood Design.

Our notable networker for the month was awarded to Christian Payne.

This week 15 referrals were passed, 4 1-2-1’s were held and £6748.13 TYFTB (Thank You For The Business) was passed. We also heard that in the month of April £37000.00 worth of business was passed in the chapter! Well done everyone!



Terry Chrystal delivering the education slot.


Christian Payne being presented with the notable networker award by Diane Sokolyk.


Aurelijus Grusas presenting Sharon Charteress with the 60 second award.


Debbie Knowles our membership coordinator discussing the chapter performance.


Alastair Cavanagh delivering his 10 minute presentation about Teksure.


Andrew Savage being presented with the door prize.